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Getting Started in 3 Steps

Join the Tendo Supplier Program and sell your products through thousands of Tendo Resellers.

Step 1:

Register and List Products on Tendo

Free to list.

Step 2:

Receive orders on your supplier dashboard.

Once you get an order, you can either deliver to customer or make product available for Tendo to deliver on your behalf.

Step 3:

Receive Payment after Delivery

Receive payment in your Tendo wallet after delivery has been completed. Supplier can request for payout from wallet to bank or mobile money account.

Become a Tendo Supplier

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can become a Tendo Supplier?

Anyone who has physical products and is willing to sell at wholesale prices can become a supplier on Tendo. Tendo helps suppliers reach more customers at ZERO cost by leveraging on resellers. These resellers act as distributors for you. your behalf.

How much do I have to pay to list my product on Tendo?

It’s completely FREE to list on Tendo. All you have to do is to provide products at wholesale prices so our resellers can also add their profit.

How do I become a Tendo Supplier?

Kindly fill the form on our main page or send us a message on 233540621335 and we will guide you through the process.

Do I have to Handle Deliveries?

Absolutely not. Tendo will handle all deliveries so you don’t need to stress. We will pick up the items, deliver and send you your cash


Our Testimonials

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"I was pleased with the resources and onboarding assistance offered as a new Tendo supplier. I was able to easily display my products on the platform thanks to its user-friendly design, and my customer base has grown as a result of being exposed to a wide range of resellers. For any provider hoping to succeed in the e-commerce space, Tendo is an invaluable partner."
Mr. Ralph
Mr. Ralph
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''For me, Tendo is a game-changer. My products are quickly listed, and the increased visibility has increased sales. Easy and efficient!"
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"Thanks for the opportunity to supply Tendo. Since I joined there has been an increase in sales. I'm pleased with the results and the process went well."

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