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What is Tendo

What is Tendo?

Tendo empowers people who want to start a business online but have no capital. We list different products at wholesale prices on the Tendo App. You (the reseller) will find the ones you want to sell, add your profit and share online. Once you get an order, place it on our platform.

We will deliver on your behalf, collect the cash and send you the profit you added. Easy

Who can be a Reseller?

Anyone can be a reseller on Tendo. There are currently hundreds of resellers on Tendo and they are all from diverse backgrounds. Some are students, housewives, full-time workers, self-employed, etc. All you need is a mobile phone and you too can become a reseller.

What if I have never sold online before?

We have digital marketing experts who will be helping you with all the skills required in selling online. So if you have no experience don’t worry at all. Just be determined to learn and work hard.

Where do you operate?

We currently operate in Ghana and Nigeria. But we are expanding to other cities soon

Getting Started

How do I get started on Tendo?
  • Download the Tendo App on PlayStore or App Store

  • After installing the app, you will see all products listed there

  • Go ahead and open any one of them, see the description and view more images and videos with the link in the description

  • You can download all product images and share online

  • Once you get an order, return to the app and place it there

  • We will deliver the product and send your profit

Can one switch from one product to another product along the line?

Of course. On Tendo, you can sell anything you want, no restrictions.

How much can i earn on Tendo?

Tendo gives you the freedom to earn an unlimited amount of money with zero risks. It all depends on how much time and effort you put in. Some of our top resellers earn Ghc 1000 to Ghc 5000 each month

What is the payment method

We do cash on delivery so that you can build trust with your customers.

How do you prevent customers from seeing the original price?

We understand how important it is for resellers to keep their source of supply private. We deliver the packages in your name and quote the final price you gave the customer. So the customer will never find the source and price.

Selling & Profits

How much profits can I add to the products?

You have the freedom to add any profit you want. We will provide you with information on the current market price of the product so you don’t over/under-price. But it’s totally up to you to decide how much to add.

When will I get my profits?

We send all profits to your Tendo wallet within 3 days after delivery. You can then withdraw to your mobile money or bank account.

How do I verify the quality of the products?

We have a very strict quality assurance process for suppliers before they list on Tendo. We physically visit suppliers to verify the quality of their products.

We also take active feedback from resellers and we use that to blacklist suppliers with poor quality products. For the majority of products, we add real-life photos and videos of the products in their natural state.

Becoming a Tendo Supplier

Who can become a Tendo Supplier?

Anyone who has physical products and is willing to sell at wholesale prices can become a supplier on Tendo. Tendo helps suppliers reach more customers at ZERO cost by leveraging on resellers. These resellers act as distributors for you.

How much do I have to pay to list my product on Tendo?

It’s completely FREE to list on Tendo. All you have to do is to provide products at wholesale prices so our resellers can also add their profit.

How do I become a Tendo Supplier?

Kindly fill the form on our main page or send us a message on 233540621335 and we will guide you through the process.

Do I have to Handle Deliveries?

Absolutely not. Tendo will handle all deliveries so you don’t need to stress. We will pick up the items, deliver and send you your cash

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