Tendo Terms & Policies

We are really excited you decided to take this step and start your business with Tendo. Kindly review some basic ground rules for reselling on Tendo.

How does Tendo work?

Tendo is a marketplace where wholesale suppliers list their products and resellers can add their margins to the product, share online and earn cash when a sale is made.

Order Processing

When placing an order, kindly exercise patience, we do not stock everything in our warehouse, sometimes our suppliers take time to pick calls. Be rest assured Tendo is calling them every minute soon after you place the order to confirm the availability. You can calm your customers by informing them that you are going to check for the product at the warehouse.

Delivery Charges

Check the settings page on the app to view delivery charges.


Products are delivered within 2-3 working days after the supplier confirms the order. Payment is cash on delivery within Accra. Please review our delivery rates on the Settings page of the app

Tendo Payment Policy

Reseller profits are made available 5 working days after the package has been successfully delivered. This is because your customers are covered by a 3-day return policy – so if there is no return, you will receive the profit.

Reseller Wallet

You will see your profit amount in your wallet on the Settings page of the app and you can make a withdrawal request. The profit will be transferred to you within 24 hours of a request.

Processing Fee

We charge a 10% processing fee on reseller profits. This is to enable us cover the cost of picking up the products from suppliers and the transaction costs involved in paying suppliers, logistics companies and resellers.

Refund & Return

  • Tendo has a 3-day return policy. Customers can return faulty products within 3 days after the purchase is made. Profit payments are processed after this timeframe.

  • Once a refund request is processed, the reseller will receive the amount we collected from the customer and is responsible for settling the refund to the customer. A reseller will also not receive his/her profit if there is a refund request.

Other Important Policies

Working Hours

Our working hours are 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday. When making inquiries about the availability of a product after working hours 5pm, on weekends, and on public holidays, the response rate might slow, do not expect immediate response. So if our customer service personnel respond to your concerns outside of these working hours, be patient with them. If it is urgent and it is very important that it cannot wait for Monday, reach out to 0506168589.

Do not overcharge customer

If the order is cancelled because the reseller overpriced it and the customer felt the product wasn’t worth the price after seeing it, the reseller will be charged the delivery cost for returning the order. In addition to that, your prices for the next order will go under review during confirmation of the order.

Penalty for excessive order Cancellation

It is the reseller's responsibility to ensure that their customer has accepted to buy before placing the order on Tendo. Resellers will be penalized for orders canceled after the order has been confirmed. If your orders are canceled after confirmation three times consecutively, you will pay before delivery for the next two orders.

Reseller's duties

  1. It is the reseller’s responsibility to ask the availability of the customer. Make sure your customer is not planning a journey on the delivery day, if so inform us so that the delivery will be rescheduled.

  2. Treat your fellow resellers and Tendo personnel with respect. We’re here to help you grow your business.😊

  3. For any concerns and feedback reach out to 0506168589./b>